Monday, March 2, 2009

Just talked to Wille

...he's up in Leksand and they just had another 70cm of snow over the weekend. Funny because there's still very little of it in Stockholm. Hockey-wise, Leksand is doing well; they've won their division and are now in the playoffs to get promoted to the top level. Six teams all play each other and the top two go up.

He didn't go to the melodifestival last week, although his son Eddie did!

House-wise, he is going to go north to a friend's to get all the wood for the garderobes; he told me it'd be cheaper and a better match to the wood of the house as it's all northern pine. He'll do some of the cutting at his home and bring it all down mostly made, so we can just adjust on site. He is firm on being down to us on April 13th so that's great news.

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