Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Builder's Update

Wille called me around noon Stockholm time. He just arrived at the house to start work. He promised to send me photos from his phone and I will pass them along. (Margaret will be back on Aspö this weekend, and she promised to send photos, too.)

I just now spoke to Anders and he reports a little snag. Bauhaus has failed to order our sink and mirror, even though he paid for them long ago. Anders said he was "very angry" with Bauhaus, and they have promised to have the items delivered to Stockholm by June 5. That makes it fairly tight to get done by our deadline, and it adds complexity for Anders, as it's far better to do that kind of island work in one go, given the transport difficulties.

That said, if we have water in the kitchen, shower, and washing machine, and the Cinderella is installed, a delay in the bathroom sink is manageable. Anders is still confident we'll have all that; he said most of everything else is already at his place on Runmarö, and they'll start next Tuesday.

The actual laying of the tiles and running of the plumbing is a small part of the project. Ordering everything and hauling it all up to the house is a much bigger, although less visible, task. And that task is still on track.

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