Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Beautiful weekend

It's Sunday morning and the weather has been absolutely perfect since I arrived on Friday. I'm in no hurry to head home this afternoon!

Here's a quick recap:
  • My SAS flight was late, and traffic to Stavsnäs was thick, so we missed our 4PM boat and took the jam-packed 6PM instead. Rutger started on making dinner as soon as we arrived, and we had his specialty of entrecôte with roast potatoes.
  • The next morning, we set to installing the ceiling fan, and I am happy to report we got it up and working properly on the first try! The remote control is cool, too.
  • I also trimmed and installed a blackout blind on one of the windows, and made one screen, too. I'll make the others at Rutger's now that I have the measurements.
  • I also got out our pump sprayer to apply mold retardant to the house. That sprayer is very handy and I think we will be able to stain the house in a half-day, easily.
  • Rutger left at 5 and I joined Janne for dinner, finishing up my night (high in Grant's bunk bed!) watching an episode of "The Wire". Today, I will be moving gravel to cover the grey water tank before my 14:30 boat.
Lots of photos in the webgallery and I will post more on the house progress shortly.

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