Sunday, May 31, 2009

En route to Arlanda

Greetings from aboard the Arlanda flygbuss. Had a good morning, moving all the remaining gravel to cover the grey water system. I waited until 10 so as not to disturb the Sunday mornings of my neighbors with the clanging of gravel on wheelbarrow!

Marg came up for a quick visit and she was complementary of all the work that's been done. We went together to the taxi-boat dock and saw Olle and Annika with their son Patrick, and a very cool-looking boat. Hopefully Grant will get a chance to ride with Patrick this summer.

Even better was Britt and Ronnie waiting to take the same boat, so I got to ride with them to Stavsnäs. And then they drove me up to the central station to catch the airport bus. What service!

Still spectacular weather here; Stavsnäs was jumping and Stockholm itself was jam-packed with people enjoying the sunshine. One down note- the Stockholm Marathon was yesterday at 2PM in very warm temperatures, which must have made tough going for the runners.

I checked on on SAS through my phone last night; we'll see if they want to offer me €500 to take a later flight because I'll say yes for sure!!

UPDATE: SAS didn't need me after all and I took my original flight, arriving back home tired and dirty around 9:30PM. Ready to go back in two weeks!

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