Monday, May 18, 2009

Builder's Update

Wille called and he's on his way out tomorrow with a helper. He'll probably stay over one night, maybe two, to finish everything up. He also talked with Sooz about sleeping arrangements; she was concerned about who slept where on what, which isn't really the kind of thing a guy thinks too much about.

I also spoke to Anders. he's still waiting for a few things from Bauhaus but expects an update from them tomorrow, so he'll call me then. He still expects to be out later this week or next to start, and to spend no more than 2 weeks on the work. We'll be at the house 4 weeks from tomorrow, and Anders knows this.

I am less sanguine about the bathroom than last week, but we'll know more tomorrow.

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Margaret said...

I understand Soozs concerns, especially since you don't (yet) have a washer. Wille and his friend should bring sleeping bags.
FYI Thursday this week is a holiday, which means most people take Friday off and make a long weekend out of Wille is probably motivated to get done in time for Thurs. I'm headed out on Thurs - let me know if you want photos taken of anything other than stairs...