Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eurovision in just 5 days!

The first semifinal is Tuesday night, the 12th. There are 18 countries and ten go through to the final on Saturday. Sweden is up 5th with Malena Ernman's "La Voix". I'm not too sure about how Malena will be received by the voting public; her song is a strange mix of opera and disco.

The leader so far in the sublime nuttiness race is Marko Kon & Milaan from Serbia. If you can figure this out (watch to the end, in which you will see "a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade"), please let me know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

The Serbian version of "N'SYNC"??

Marcia said...

Tonite at 9! Wish you were here to see the spectacle with us ;-) (we really don't enjoy it when you're not around...)