Friday, May 1, 2009

"The Shelby"

My previous post included the phrase "selling the family jewels" which produced a spate of comments about "selling the Shelby". I thought I should clarify those comments for my readership.

When I was 18 years old, through a stroke of good fortune, I purchased the car pictured here, a 1968 GT500KR Shelby Mustang. These are rare and desirable American 'muscle cars', and over time, mine has become quite valuable.

Since I've had the Shelby for literally all of my adult life, it is a significant part of who I am, which is why my friends and family thought of it immediately when I posted about selling my "jewels". Fortunately, though, my current little budget crimp comes nowhere close to such drastic action.

As an aside, old American muscle cars are very popular in Sweden. At the first glimmer of Spring, the streets are full of shiny old Detroit iron. In Marcia and Rutger's neighborhood alone, I often see a '67 Trans Am and a '70 Bonneville cruising incongruously through the suburbs.


Anonymous said...

Why have a car 10,000 miles away, you never drive it! Beside you do not seem to be a guy that would drive this car anyway!

Iowa Greyhound said...

That is great! I would have never guessed American muscle cars would be so popular in Europe!