Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Eurovision Final, Part 1

There are 25 countries performing tonight, so I'm going to post in groups of 5.

First is Lithuania, Israel, France, our Malena from Sweden, and Croatia.

The best of the bunch was Lithuania. Israel's singers were two women from the Arab and Jewish sides of the country singing "There Must Be a Better Way". They were OK but the best part of their performance was a drumming duet on olive oil cans. Really. Croatia and France were insipid, and Lithuania's entry was hurt slightly by his hat.

Malena did better than in her semi-final, but I don't think well enough to win, and being 4th in the order is not good. Graham Norton of the BBC said, "her dress supposedly cost €37,000. They should have saved a little for hair and make-up." Touché.

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