Saturday, May 9, 2009

Joining the Aspö Community

Last week, I had noticed a new posting at the dock of the Aspö summer guide for 2009. The Aspö community maintains a website,, which has information for visitors and residents about the islands of Aspö, Ladholmen, and Högholmen.

Of particular interest is the summer guide, which is an important calendar of events. (Click here for that page, translated into English fairly well by Google.) The most important dates during my stay are the midsummer's celebrations on the 19th, and the refuse collection on the 27th. Sooz will have to represent us at the island meeting on July 5, as I'll be back at work.

Margaret also forwarded the yearly email from the Aspöbrygga, which had payment info for the yearly association fee (275 kronor), and interestingly, the island's directory. It was fun to look at all the names of homeowners; we'll have to study the list to get to know more of our neighbors. I saw one Swiss and one French address; Ann and Dave are from the US, of course, and we'll be the only English on the list. Most people are from the Stockholm area, naturally.

My last task was to pay for our garbage pickup (1500 kronor), and a one-time fee of 4000 kr for our share of maintining the big Waxholms dock (which Janne built, by the way). I drafted a little email in Swedish to Tommy, the island's webmaster, introducing myself, and providing our info for the next directory. Margaret was impressed with my lingustic command, but as I told her, my Swedish is good only when I have my dictionary, a pencil, and enough time to think things through. I'm not up to following the call-in shows on Skägårds Radio just yet!

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