Monday, May 11, 2009

Update from Anders

I talked to Anders this morning on the bathroom/water work. He said everything's been ordered and should be delivered over the next week. Stuff is coming from at least four vendors, probably more, so it is a bit of a logistical effort to get it all together and then delivered to the island.

Anders knows we have a move-in date of June 16, which is 5 weeks from tomorrow. Figure another week from today to get everything, and an estimated two weeks of work, and that gives us two weeks of cushion. He's sanguine about getting everything done in time; Sooz is not, however. She won't be comfortable until the work is fully complete and I'm sure she will get more antsy as the days go by.

I'm more sanguine than antsy right now but I will be much happier when work actually starts.

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