Friday, August 8, 2008

Catching up

Lots of little things today. It was raining early but cleared mid-morning so Grant and I went to the dock to make a diagram of all the packages and the notes on their contents so we could figure out what's what. Sooz joined us so we headed to the property and finished cleaning up. Grant and I moved the remainder of the concrete offsite and it seemed a bit damaged by the rain, but we should have enough to do the foundations for the small house. Sooz cleared brush and took down a couple more small trees. It was really humid and we were all quite hot!

Grant wanted to go swimming so we headed back, but not before stopping by to meet our new neighbor Olle and his wife Annika. I made my apologies for the wood fiasco in person and he was gracious in return. Turns out Annika knows some of the people Sooz worked with when we lived in Stockholm, one of whom lives on a nearby island! Small world.

Then we hit the water, which was bracing indeed. Grant said the thermometer off the dock read 18.5°. That's C, not F, altough it felt like it at first.

Grant and I went through all of the notes we made as the rain returned and I think I have it pretty well figured out now. Wood that is prefixed with an 'A' is for the south side of the big house, 'B', the east side, etc. The small house is 'P' through 'S' and the interior walls 'E' and 'F', with 'G' being the floors. They are also numbered with the lowest number at ground level, so for example, I need to ensure A1, B1, C1. and D1, along with all of the 'G's, are next to the foundations so we can minimize carrying and start at the bottom. I will put the small house pieces aside so they're out of the way.

I have it all in a spreadsheet now, so I feel a lot better about what's what. The weather for next week is looking better, too, so maybe this will work out after all!

UPDATE: We had a great dinner at Ann & Dave's, joined by Britt and Ronnie. Britt is Janne's sister, and she and Ronnie live on Aspö as well. They are really great people; as nice as Ann and Dave, which is quite a high standard. Dave made a Thai chicken dish (with chicken on the side for the vegetarians), and Ann baked a delicioius almond cake. A fabulous meal and a fun evening.

Photos as usual in today's gallery.

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