Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An interesting afternoon

We went on our walk, joined by Marg, and it was nice and miserable. We saw the Harveys on the way, and on the way back from visiting our site, we saw Janne.

Grant and the girls headed back at that point, and I went with Janne to check out his building site. All was well there and he told me the X-House made it safely to Sten's dock and is well-wrapped against the rain. The problem is Sten has other jobs so he is going to bring our house and supplies out as he can over the next few days, with the goal to have it all here by Sunday. The helicopter has been rebooked for Monday the 11th. We're going to do as much housekeeping as we can in the interim. Grant and I will try to carry up the insulation, and anything else we can manage, to reduce the helicoper time on Monday so we can get started straightaway.

Then Janne and I went to a neighbor's house (walking overland right across the island, which I haven't done before), to a boat that had come unsecured and was hitting its dock. I helped Janne secure it, and that was intense. The wind on the unprotected side of the island was howling, it was hard to stand up against it, let alone pull on ropes on the slippery dock with the waves soaking you thoroughly. Janne's been there and done that many times, but it was an adventure for me. We were offered a whiskey by the grateful neighbor, and untypically for me, I gulped it down.

There's a tiny video of that, plus a racy photo of Sooz, on the day's webgallery, which I will likely update later in the day, too, as we're all having dinner at Margaret's tonight.

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