Thursday, August 7, 2008

A shopping trip

Dave suggested last night that we go to Stavsnäs for the afternoon. We could have a leisurely pizza at the harbor and then walk up to the neighborhood grocery. We'd have about three hours there, long enough for a change of scenery and to top-up the supplies.

When we arrived there, though, we discovered the pizzeria was closed for the summer. Island life is at its peak from mid-June to mid-August, but there's a ramping down after the first weekend in August, hence the closure.

So we regrouped and took the bus up to Gustavsberg, about 25 minutes away. There's a grocery and shopping center there, with a McDonalds, plus an Apotek (pharmacy), Bankomat (cash machine) and Systembolaget (booze) so we loaded up on lots of goodies and hiked it all back to the bus and then to the taxi boat. A busier day than we had planned but more acquisitive overall.

Later, I went out to check the house parts at the dock with Sooz, Grant rode with Janne around the island in his boat to deliver the trash, and then we all joined Janne and Margaret for a great dinner and lots of good chat.

Photos in the day 6 gallery; check again as I may add more later.

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