Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Evening Update 2

Wille called this evening. Good news/bad news. The good news is that he and Mats made lots of progress, all the windows are in and the house is weathertight. The bad news is that his back is killing him. Also:
  • The inside walls are almost installed, although one internal beam was too long and needs to be trimmed, to Wille's annoyance
  • All the big windows are in and sealed
  • The inside roof was chemically treated
  • All the concrete pillars are sited and poured
  • The electrical cables are all run
He is visiting a flooring expert friend in Stockholm tomorrow to talk about the inside floors. Apparently there's a process involving white oil and then waxing on top which should give the look Sooz wants. Depending on what Wille finds out, I may just hire this expert directly to prepare the floors.

Wille also suggested he build a box in the ceiling (hidden between the roof and ceiling boards for now) that would facilitate the installation of a fireplace chimney in the future. That's a good idea to do a bit of work now to avoid a lot of work later. Sooz and I will do some math to figure out where to put it.

He plans to come by next week to finish up, he needs to be all done by the end of that week. I was thinking that maybe Wille was getting a bit tired of the schlep out to Aspö and wrestling with all that wood, when he told me that Mats had said that he really liked the house and wanted one for himself! I told Wille I'd leave a key out under a rock so he and his brother could stop by for a break anytime...

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