Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not Good

The weather was rough last night, with constant heavy winds and rain. This morning was no better. None of the regular boats are running to the island right now, and Sten certainly can't take his boat over with our house today.

Sten is driving to his dock to oversee the unloading of the house and he will bring it over when the weather improves the next few days. I called Wille and told him our plan to reschedule the helicopter for next Monday and he'll adjust accordingly.

None of the women-folk slept much last night; the storm kept them up. Plus to top it off, the electricity has gone out a number of times. Since the water and heat runs off the electricity, that could be a real problem. Ah, island life!


Anonymous said...

Does this remind you of Cancun??

Don said...

If you mean getting stuck in Hurricane Wilma and making the last flight out, it's close.

Actually we've seen stronger winds here. It was eerily calm when we left Mexico, although I've never seen the sky like it was that day.