Saturday, August 23, 2008

Latest on the kitchen

Sooz has literally spent hours this past week on the kitchen, I'm proud of all the work she's done. We've also talked to Marcia and Rutger a number of times, too; they're into it almost as much as we are!

I'm over the disappointment of the Rubrik panels being canceled; both Margaret and Rutger helped me find third-party sources, but, frankly, this is complicated enough without me scouting extra pieces as well.

We're going to stick with the white but there are a few ideas we've developed:
  • The countertop will be grey to match the stone beneath the house, and it will be extra-thick with an aluminum edge to it
  • We'll have an aluminum baseboard panel to mirror the stip above, helping (I hope) to match the linearity of the house and to have the kitchen 'float' like the house seems to float over the rock on its foundations
  • Sooz has also decided not to in-build the refrigeratior and to instead leave it standalone, but in a stainless steel
  • Lastly, we want to get by without wall cabinets if we can, and instead use long shelves on the wall instead
  • And we're going to extend the kitchen into a bit of a 'C' shape, allowing more storage, counter space and maybe even a bit of a breakfast nook
I posted my ideas to the IKEAFans website, which is filled with knowledgeable and passionate people, and we'll see what we hear from that community. As I said, Sooz is going to Stockholm September 3-6, expressly to get the kitchen all ordered. I'm sure there will be more on this subject soon!

UPDATE: We've already had some feedback from IKEAFans, which essentially says the two corner cabinets aren't that efficient and we need more storage. We're looking at adding wall cabinets, an updated image will follow.

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