Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sitting at gate F65 my old haunt, Arlanda airport. We're about to head home on SAS. It's a cold and drizzly evening which will make it easier to leave, I suppose.

We had a mixed day. Rutger made a super breakfast and then we headed to IKEA where we spent an hour with one of their kitchen specialists. The disappointing thing is that the Rubrik panels we wanted to use as drawer- and door-fronts are being discontinued. Basically, we have a choice of white or wood for our kitchen. I don't want to use wood veneer as it seems silly in a house that is literally solid wood. And I think all white would make it look as if a spacecraft landed in our house.

However, we did lay out the kitchen pretty closely and I'll confirm measurements next week. But I think we'll call around store to store to see if we can find any Rubrik panels we can use. I'll admit I am more than a bit annoyed!

Rutger took us to Bauhaus, a home store, and we found the right product(s) to use on the inside floor to keep it that fresh pine-white that Sooz likes. He spoke to Wille on the phone and Wille will varnish the inside and outside flooring (with different products) after he sands it all. What a guy!

More tomorrow; we're boarding now. Hej då to Sweden!

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