Thursday, August 21, 2008

Change in weekends

I won't be going out this weekend as I had planned. The flights to/from Stockholm are completely full due to the bank holiday and a good friend at SAS told me late yesterday that frankly, I wasn't going to make it on a standby ticket.

My disappointment is missing the big garbage day, so I will have to ask Janne if he can add hauling my trash to the long list of things he's done for me already.

On the other hand, Wille hasn't been able to move things along as much as he'd have liked so I wouldn't have been able to see the houses essentially done as I had hoped this weekend.

I'll go next weekend now; the flights look a lot better, Wille should be finished, and I'll be able to decommission (or is it decontaminate?) Ann & Dave's guest house and move stuff to my house as originally thought.

In other news, Sooz is going to Stockholm for a couple of days in early September to finalise the kitchen order from IKEA. (Marcia and Rutger live helpfully close to Barkaby.) She can spend the whole day there and go through all the details and extras that are important (and are way beyond me.) That gives plenty of time to get what we want in time for mid-October delivery.

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