Monday, August 18, 2008

Returning this weekend

I've been so busy I realise I haven't updated on my decision to go back to Aspö this weekend.

Saturday is the big semi-annual trash pickup for the island, and Janne has offered to haul out my building trash but I thought it'd be nice if I could do it myself. Also it seems like a good way to meet other residents.

Also, Wille is going to finish the floors and the interior walls this week, so I want to get a good look at those. And I have to get detailed measurements of the kitchen area so we can finalize our order. Plus I have lots of stuff in Ann and Dave's guest cottages that I have to move over; that'll be a dozen half-hour round trips alone. So it will be a busy weekend.

I'm getting a standby ticket on SAS; I hate to fly standby anymore but it's not an option this time as the last minute-tickets are so expensive. I hope to fly in Friday night, crash at Marcia and Rutger's, and then do the bus and boat out Saturday morning. Next Monday is a holiday here in the UK so I'll fly back midday, giving me the whole weekend to work and clean up.

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