Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday progress

Rutger took me to Slussen in the morning and I schlepped all my stuff onto the bus and then the taxi boat at Stavsnäs. This taxi was unlike any other I'd been on; it was much bigger and took a very different route. I got off at the stop nearest our house, the dock by Tony's (called 'the village'). As I contemplated carrying all my stuff, I saw my wheelbarrow waiting for me! Janne had seen that I had booked to go to the village, so he brought it over. What a guy.

I headed to the house and saw that Wille had made a lot of progress with the interior walls and the ceiling, and the little house is up to shoulder height. The big house looks smaller with the walls in (as you'd expect) but the little house sure doesn't look that little!

I made a bunch of measurements and laid out the outline of the kitchen on the floor (as seen in the gallery). I talked to Sooz and we went over some details and ideas. The biggest question from today is what do we do with the 145cm of space between the end of the kitchen counter and the glass wall. We want to have a small table for the three of us that we can expand and move for larger gatherings. Lots of things to think about!

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning up and trimming trees, and then I joined Janne for a nice dinner. I also paid a few bills electronically, one of which was the helicopter, which was nearly double what I had budgeted, but still decent value in the end.

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