Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Delivering the house

We got good news from Sten; he rearranged his plans so he could make our delivery today. The first load showed up around noon. We had spent a few hours clearing all the wood from the building site in the morning, and taking down a couple more trees.

After unloading, Grant and I rode back in the boat to the terminal at Djurö to help pick up the second load. I returned at dusk to unload the third trip. The dock on Aspö is completely jammed with all our house parts and supplies.

It is daunting, looking at all the massive beams wrapped in plastic, notated on the wrappings with various codes. How will we lift these things? How will we know where they all go? At the moment, our house is a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Lots of photos and a small movie are in the day's webgallery.

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