Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Evening update

Willie called with info on a number of points.
  • He ran out of electrical cable (my fault) but was able to obtain more through Göran.
  • Tony and Janne stopped by and there was a bit of a discussion about how best to treat the floors. Apparently they feel the solution we discussed on Sunday wouldn't be very robust. Wille is looking into another method with some experts and we'll discuss that tomorrow.
  • Stefan has also agreed to fill in the overhangs along the long deck to cover up the damaged wood. Wille agrees with us not to infill the big deck overhang, so the big beams stay exposed. He's going to chemically treat all the roof wood anyways to help dry and preserve it.
  • He framed and insulated the small windows, and installed the bedroom interior walls, which he says looks great.
  • Also progress was made on the foundations for both houses.
  • Mats is coming down for the next couple of days to get the big windows in.
  • He has the wood for Grant's bunk beds but is not too sure how to mount it; he's going to visit the house at the Expo site to see how it was done there.
  • And as mentioned yesterday, Michael has re-joined Djurgården for this season; they're the big Stockholm club.
Willie has promised more photos for tomorrow from his moble and I'll post them.

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