Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wille-gram for Mongo!

Willie called with a few updates:
  • He saw the mother moose and baby about 5 meters from our deck this morning!
  • The little house is half-up; Mikael will be there tomorrow to help lift the remaining pieces. (I'm impressed Wille got that far by himself!)
  • He's been reading about the järn vitrol, which is still my favored way to treat the house. He said that letting the house weather on its own for a season and then applying the coat makes for a better result. I will have to check into that; I could just protect the trim, and let the house go gray on its own. But to do that, I'll have to get rid of all the glue drips. Wille will leave me a scraper of the type Stefan recommends.
In other news:
  • Marcia went to IKEA and they told her it would be ten weeks for the countertops, not five as I understood. If so, that's a real drag; I had hoped to get the whole kitchen done when we were there in October. Sooz will have to get the whole story next week when she makes the final order.
  • Rutger is calling daily with more ideas for the kitchen, he's not too keen on having a cabinet with the extractor fan, he says it's poor storage and not very good looking. He prefers the hood.
  • And I got an email from Andrew, with the Fireorb company in Chicago. The good news is that the price hasn't changed since we last corresponded a year ago. He's also a Cubs fan which is a great reason to do business with him.
(There's an inside joke in the title, bonus points for anyone who answers it in the comments.)


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"Blazing Saddles"


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YEA, Mom!!!!