Monday, August 4, 2008

On Aspö at last

Well we made it. There was a serious bus accident on the road to Stavsnäs which delayed us, but the girls managed to buy most everything we needed and we got it all on our taxi boat in the end.

Dave and Janne were waiting on the dock for us. It was fitting that the first time I met him in person, Dave was reaching a helping hand into the boat to haul out one of our boxes.

The weather is threatening tonight and it may disrupt our delivery tomorrow, we'll have to see what the morning brings. We're off to Ann and Dave's now for their daughter Mary's birthday celebrations.

UPDATE: The party was great, but the forecast is not good at all. It's about 9PM and raining a gale outside, with the same planned tomorrow. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to ferry the house over as planned. This would mess up the helicopter schedule, as if they can't move things Wednesday, the copter won't be available until the next Monday.

We have an 0800 pow-wow planned at Janne's in the morning to see what the weather will allow us to do. Further updates then, and photos from today in the webgallery.

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I need something Swedish to write with.