Monday, August 18, 2008

Update from Wille

I spoke to him this evening, he was just leaving Aspö. He was working on the electrical cables, he installed the door, and tomorrow he's going to pour the extra foundations for the big house and also the ones for the little house. Good news for Michael is that he has found a new team for this hockey season but a little bad in that Wille won't have him to help. Mats will probably come down for a couple of days.

The current plan is to pour the foundations, get the windows and doors in and framed, and finish (i.e. sand and varnish) the floors this week. Next week, he'll finish the little house and get the support posts installed on the foundations.

Stefan wrote us about the soaked roof panels and said we could use a specific chemical to clean and disinfect them. Willie says that won't help the cosmetic problems, and he was going to talk to Stefan again.

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