Saturday, August 16, 2008

Leaving the Island, it's not the finale of "Lost".

Marcia and Rutger came over on the 0850 taxi båt. After a trip to our guest house, and a quick hello to Ann and Dave, we all headed out to our house. (We'll start calling it Blå Måne once we get a nameplate on it.)

Göran, the electrician, came by at 1100, and we spent a good hour together with him, Janne, and Rutger, talking about the details of our electrical installation. We got into a lot of detail, which was great. Göran also spoke English really well, which was handy for me!

I had read that the big Waxholmsbolaget boat left at 1310, so we hustled back to decommission our guest stuga, say our hurried goodbyes to Ann and Dave, and then schlep all our stuff all the way down to the big southern dock.

I needed to drop off a few things at the house, so I made a diversion over and found Britt and her daughter Jessica on our deck, having a look. We had a quick tour (Britt told me she reads my blog every night!) and then we all headed to the dock. I was hauling a huge suitcase and they were nice, spelling me with carrying a bit.

When we got to the dock, I discovered to my horror I had misread the timetable and the boat actually had left at noon. I called the båt taxi, and Britt took over on the phone and talked them into picking us up at 1430. Thank goodness she was able to do that!

So we hung out at the dock for an hour or so. We were all starving, and Sooz found 3 beers, a jar of herring, and 11 crisp breads. So we shared our bounty and communed with the various people who stopped by to drop off trash or pick up mail, all of whom knew our house and our new residency.

Finally the boat showed up and we made our way direct to Stavsnäs. I received lots of ribbing about my inability to read a timetable. We drove to Marcia and Rutger's house and had the pleasure of a hot shower, a shave, and a bonus tick removal (making 6 for me the past two days.)

Rutger's working on dinner right now and the girls are looking at a Swedish home magazine, getting lots of design ideas. Later we'll play "Rock Band" which is great fun.

A couple of photos in the gallery.


Anonymous said...

What does the new name of the house mean in English?

Anonymous said...

Blue Moon