Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday in Aspö

It was a lovely day, with a warm sun and cool breeze. Janne called me over for breakfast and then I went to the house for a bit more cleaning and measuring. Back in London, Sooz has the bit between her teeth now; she called and we talked about a bunch of options and ideas for the bedrooms and bathrooms, too.

The bathroom has two problems; first, the door swings the wrong way, essentially opening into the living area. It can be fixed but it will be a bother to do. The other issue is that the window is pretty smack in the middle of the wall, so that limits our options for the shower. (I think glass blocks are out of the picture now).

I cleaned out Ann & Dave's guest house, making sure to dispose of or bag all food and soaps, etc. Janne fed me lunch and I brought him a bunch of leftovers. On the way out, I saw Tony and Ann-Catrin. They showed me the kitchen and bathrooms in both their house and the new one Tony's refurbishing. I got a bunch of ideas I'll talk to Sooz about tomorrow.

I'm writing this from Marcia and Rutger's spare bedroom; he'll run me out to the bus stop tomorrow morning at 6AM. What a guy!

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