Friday, August 15, 2008

Cleaning Up

I have lots to talk about but today's our last day on Aspö so I don't want to spend too much time on the Macbook Air.

We went over to our house to clean up, and sort out and cover all the leftover packages of wood. Göran, the electrician, didn't come over but I talked to Wille who had spoken to an electrician colleague so he has a good idea what needs to be done. He also spoke to Stefan about the roof panels and the glue drips. I sent photos of the roof and Stefan advised a specific type of scraper to remove the glue.

Annika and Olle invited us over for cake and coffee in their garden and it was great, we also met Annika's son Patrick who is a nice kid and year older than Grant.

We had a lovely pot luck dinner at Ann & Dave's. Tomorrow morning, Marcia and Rutger are coming over to visit and we'll head home with them.


Anonymous said...

Loved the beard, the movie wouldn't work and say Hello to Marcia and Rutger!!

Anonymous said...

Moose Poop, put a little paprika on it and fry it.

Your Sister

Anonymous said...

You have done a fantastic jobb ... the house looks terrific! I have with great interest followed the progress.

Johan / Struktural design

Don said...

Thanks, Johan! We were looking at your drawings very closely all week. It was great to have them.