Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The house is rising!

We had a good day, the floor is in, and we're about halfway up with the walls. If all goes well, the roof should be on tomorrow, and the house essentially done the day after. Amazing.

The best part was laying out the deck boards, it was a cool but sunny mid-morning and it was nice to sit there for a moment. At the end of the day, Janne, Tony, and Ronnie came by to have a look, which was nice. Even Lennert, with his big golden lab, Bounty, visited to say hello.

There's a bit of rain scheduled for tonight but shouldn't be a problem. We had a nice dinner with Dave, Janne, and Tony, who gave us a lot of history of the island, as he was born here, and whose family goes back five generations at least.

I'm beat so will sign off, but not before a few photos from the gallery.


Anonymous said...

THis blog rules!

Margaret said...

Don, you obviously forgot to ring Ronnie to advise him that carpenter shorts were obligatory for the photo!

House is looking great, it is KILLING me to be back in town missing all the good stuff.

No doubt you all miss me desperately ; )