Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday errands

We finished clearing the brush around our house down to a Janne-suggested site, and also bagged the trash, and removed some of the moss clinging to our rocks as we don't want too much vegetation right under the house.

We saw a snake, too, but not an adder like I had seen before. This was a grass snake, pretty long, and fast. I also found a bird's nest on the ground, it must have been in one of the branches we took down earlier this year. It struck me that we were just like these birds, arranging our own sticks into a little house.

We also stopped by to see Olle and Annika again, and they showed us their house and the new extension they're building; they were really nice. Turns out they have a couple of teenage boys around Grant's age, which might be fun for next summer.

UPDATE: After a swim and a bit of kubb, we had a great cookout at Margaret's, joined by Janne's daughter Marie, her husband Mattias, and their son Malcolm, who's 10 and speaks impressively perfect English. And then in the dark on the way home, we saw a toad the size of a baseball.

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